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Top 10 ways you know you are travelling in South America

Mayonnaise, mountains and mucho more

OK so I - Benjamin Reid - may be procrastinating on writing my Bolivia blog and therefore holding up the entire blog production line (we are now 4 countries behind - Bolivia, Peru, Dominican Republic and, where we are currently: Mexico) but, as our sojourn to South America is coming to an end I thought why not jot out a blog short and sweet. Not everything has to be long-winded and full of photos and all that jazz right? Right!

So without further ado I present to you the Top 10 ways you know you are travelling in South America - actually it became the Top 11 but who's counting!

11) Markets usually consist of 100's of people, all selling the exact same thing, just stacked differently

10) There's a whole aisle of the supermarket dedicated just to mayonnaise, and if there's any food with potential for mayonnaise - it will be there

9) Road rules are to be thought of more as road suggestions

8) You start to think it's normal to go to dinner at midnight; and normal to see 5 year olds seated next to you out with mum and dad

7) You've long since learned you can form your own bus stop just by running into traffic and waving it down

6) You've said "gracias" so many time that you are no longer capable of saying "thank you" in English

5) Beers come in 1 litre sizes, none of this 400ml business

4) You can't remember the last big city that wasn't built on a mountain or around it

3) You can have $100 on you and be as good as broke - because no-one will change those damn 10,000 peso notes the bank keeps gving you

2) You salivate with excitement if your hostel serves something OTHER than white bread, cheese and jam for breakfast - without much effort one can consume their own bodyweight in white bread each day

1) You average about one 15 hour bus ride a week, count total bus travel time in weeks, and can hold people hostage for hours with the horror stories!

For any of you who've travelled to South America feel free to add to the list above in the comments!

Bolivia blog coming soon, just as soon as Mexico stops distracting me with it's tequila and tacos.

Until then

Posted by CBAdv2010 16:57

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Good one Ben, this is about my attention span laterly! Where are you now in Mexico, not near the hurricane last week?

I look forward to the photos on the next blog.

by Alan

It's about my attention span too, so there might be more short and sweet blogs in the future! I didn't mention that Chelle already has Peru done and is waiting for me, didn't think that was necessary right? I mean, who'd have thought me the procrastinator?

We've been safe and sound in Mexico and the hurricane was up north. Also had a 6.5 earthquake in Oaxaca (where we are now) but we were in Mexico City at the time, about 6 hours away. Nothing too serious thankfully.

Nothing compares to the dangers though of these Mexican Habaneros!

by CBAdv2010

Mexico is great, have some nachos without schelle (sorry schelle) but if you go to a good restaurant its AMAZING!
Also can you have a mahgarita for me? Im at work and need a drink and a laugh.

by jade

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